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Feb. 17th, 2006 | 11:06 am
mood: bitchyFRICKEN PISSED!
music: The Rocket Summer


so my car wont move. i dont know why and i dont really care but i call my dad and hes all like.."Oh. thats weird." he doesnt even care.. and UGH hes like well what did u do? I FRICKEN DIDNT DO ANYTHING !!!!!! he does this to me all the time. I HATE IT!!!!!!!! I AM SO MAD RIGHT NOW AT MY DAD. and they wonder why i want to go away for PSEO. DER MY DAD FREAKIN ANNOYS THE CRAP OUT OF ME!! hes like a freakin 2 year old. sometimes.. ugh never even mind.

so nicole is over and she is talking to some guy on the phone and he lives by me and his last name is gay. haha Luke Gay... haha but anyways..

my hair is curly.

AH FRICKEN! . lame. i am mad. UGH

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holy cats run over by a tractor!

Feb. 9th, 2006 | 12:20 pm
mood: artisticwee wee
music: library noises...

haha.. so i havent written in here for a long time.. so lets see.. where should i start..

Well, last night i was at the airport with some of my closest friends, picking up my favorite youth pastor ever! PASTOR MIKE! and that was awesome but i cant hang out with him till like saturday or anything which major sucks.

School is... i guess its school.. im spose to be writing and English paper but im procrastinating. so none of that.. haha. For the most part, im keeping up my grades. Cuz if i dont then i cant go to Crown next year. but im pretty sure im in. so All is well.

Hong Kong. I am really looking forward to going there this summer. As well as Mexico with my wicked amazing church! but for some reason i feel like God wants me to stay longer than some people want me to. like my friend that wants to come with. she wants to stay for like a week/week and a half.. but i feel like God is telling me to stay longer. IDK why.. but thats just how i feel okay?! haha.. but hopefully i will be able to go either way.

..i still need to get my passport.. GO SARAH GO! lol

what else.. Oh yeah my friend Emily is pregnant and it sucked when i first found out and i totally wanted to kill steve but like.. now its not so bad.. i mean emily wont get to do some of the stuff she wanted to but she gets to have a baby girl! and im going to be there waiting for her cuz im super excited. haha but yeah...

idk what else u guys need to talk to me more okay?!

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(no subject)

Jan. 1st, 2006 | 09:15 pm
mood: melancholyi farted

new years. crazy stuff.. spent a coupol hours crying early this morning with my best friends in the whole world. which was a good thing. i really hope that this year will be good. like.. idk the whole tihng that we had to write on the paper.. pretty sure im sticking to it. heck yes. but yeah so i decided that that whole crying fest this morning was kinda my fault. haha cuz i started crying and then i went into the hall and alyssa started crying then britta started crying then people got emotionalnessed and yeah.. crazy. i think i just need to stop thinking. SOUNDS LIKE I NEED TO GO ON A ROAD TRIP TO THE MOUNTAINS! KT AND BRITTA AND NICOLE LETS GO DURING SPRING BREAK! jk everyone is doing something. maybe ill just go alone. that would be tyte! on the road again. just cant wait to get on the road again

in like 12 months ill be 18. think about that one for a while!

my brother is being nice to me! its weird. like college has made him more mature AND more funny at the same time. im super stoked to go to crown next year. me and sonja and john. all together at the same time all the time.

i love extreme makover home edition! it is my all time favorite show!

dale teal. man that guy is cool. lol this morning he came up to me and gave me a hug and said . sarah i really do love you like my daughter! and i hope that u didnt take that stuff i said to seriously. and im sorry if u did" he didnt even know that he was offending me. o well.. now he does

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(no subject)

Dec. 31st, 2005 | 03:38 pm

so.... so.. SUCK YOUR FREAKIN TOE ALL THE WAY TO MEXICO! haha i love syd.. she rawks

cept. she said freakin. but it was HILARIUOS!

ok.. so the thing is i found out something this morning.. that i dont really care about now.. i mean.. if u asked me like a month ago i probably would have cried myself to sleep cuz of it.. but now i could care less.. i moved on!!! O YEAH! lol it feels really good to just freakin move on. u dont even know.BUT! i am really frustrated with stuff right now. so like.. idk... SUCKY SUCKY SUCK SUCK! lol idk i need to laugh really hard tonight.

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(no subject)

Dec. 18th, 2005 | 07:44 pm
mood: pissed offmad
music: Mae

i am officially ticked off.. jacob made me mad.. and then the freakin gay printer wouldnt work for my chemistry project and then i was looking for cheap airline tickets for hong kong next summer and its making me STRESSED OUT!!! UGH I FREAKIN CANT TAKE IT! specially when people give me evil looks when i did NOTHING and when people that i "thought" were my friends really arent. and then when i feel like everyone has their own problems and they do but no one cares about me. ITS TRUE! (not really but im ticked) like.. everyone is all worried about girlfriends and boyfriends and looking good.. WHO CARES! not to bring anything/one down but like.. i cant name one person that is like O I NEED A BF/GF! or I NEED TO LOOK GOOD!! it makes me SO mad you dont even know. i realized that i think guys are goodlooking but i dont flaunt myself at them or try to make them notice me.. if they like me then hey.. ya know? but im not gonna do anything that i wouldnt do to impress a guy. if hes not a jerk then yeah... ya know. lol but NO!!! PEOPLE ARE GAY! AND THEY CARE ABOUT WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE UNTILL THEY ARE SO WORRIED WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK THEY WILL DO ANYTHING TO GET ATTENTION!!! !AHHHHHHHHHH ... so i tell girls to cover up. but yet, they still lead guys down that way. i have brothers.. they tell me things that i dont want to know sometimes.. but I KNOW THEM SO LISTEN TO ME GOSH DANG IT!

ok.. haha..um

i hate airline tickets. fair enough? NO! gosh. idk what im saying.

i need a hug.

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(no subject)

Dec. 7th, 2005 | 04:26 pm
mood: contentcontent

ok. so today was really. idk good i guess! haha last hour my calculadora broke and my friend chris is like.. SARAH JUST GIVE ME THE DANG CALCULATOR!!!! ILL FIX IT!!! and i was like you cant do anything to make it better i need a new memory thing! and hes like well i will fix it ok!? and yeah.. it was funny.. man i love that kid.. hes hilarious!! haha man.. good times..

ANYWAYS! im excited for this weekend.. thats all im gonna say. der der der...


ok im done. bye.

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what the h-e-c-k!!

Nov. 29th, 2005 | 10:19 pm
mood: contemplativecontemplative
music: mae

UGH! If there is one thing that is wrong with Law and Order it's that it always ends suddenly. Today it ended with "they can't take away freedom of speech". DER! ugh but the whole case wasnt even like solved or anything! it made me so mad. but then again, i shouldnt base my feelings on how a tv show ends. seriously. its like comparing myself to a pile of crap. haha just sitting there waiting for something to happen that i know isnt gonna! just like wanting to have a bf. not gonna happen. so im a pile o' crap. haha its kinda funny to think of it like that.

14 days. kinda depressing but what can ya do? i was thinking today.. what am i gonna do after college? heck, what am i even going to college for? i dont really know what i want to do anymore... i used to think i wanted to work with kids and over seas... but i have no idea. everyone is always going. going goin going! not a bad thing. but like. i never actually even considered thinking about (like really sitting down and thinking) about what i want to do. but not like i have to decided right this minute. but im like one of those people who just doesnt do that. i dont think things through very well. unless im saying them to someone. but yeah. IDK!

well im done thinking for right now...

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(no subject)

Nov. 28th, 2005 | 10:56 pm

hey allizzles... haha i have two friends on here BUT I LOVE YOU BOTH! lol anyways.. so band concerts are gizzay. anywho.. i hate band. me and my mom were talking about how much and why i hate my band teacher ms.f... cuz shes freakin retarded! ugh.. some people think im mean cuz i dislike her a lot becuz shes got like cancer or something.. their like you should be nice to people with cancer.. well she doesnt give me respect at all so screw that... but anyways! my back hurts muy muy mondo. haha i just thought of something.. KIPTO AND MONDO FROM WAY WAY BEYONDO! haha i used to watch that with my brothers when i was little.. i didnt get it then and i dont really get it now.. its like guy loser humor.. haha but i spose some parts are funny.. and scruffy the rat was another one.. O MY GOODNESS I AM SO EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS!!! u dont even know.. nels, and carl and rachael.. and angie and ante and sonja and john and me and syd and jack.. all together.. like it used to be.. now it only happens like once in a great while .. i miss carl real bad... and with this christmas wish is missed the point i must convey if only i could find the words to say to let u know how much u've touched my life.....

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new at this one..

Nov. 2nd, 2005 | 12:18 pm
mood: drainedhaha look its a goat!
music: falling up

im new at this whole live journal thing.. so yeah pretty sure i like it already tho! way better then greatestjournal.. and no one knows me here so its way better! um.. yeah if u wanna be my friend do it .. cuz this one is mainly about idk what its about.. kinda just my ramblings like.. right now.. anyways.. this is fun...

my fingures are cold.

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