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what the h-e-c-k!!

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Nov. 29th, 2005 | 10:19 pm
mood: contemplativecontemplative
music: mae

UGH! If there is one thing that is wrong with Law and Order it's that it always ends suddenly. Today it ended with "they can't take away freedom of speech". DER! ugh but the whole case wasnt even like solved or anything! it made me so mad. but then again, i shouldnt base my feelings on how a tv show ends. seriously. its like comparing myself to a pile of crap. haha just sitting there waiting for something to happen that i know isnt gonna! just like wanting to have a bf. not gonna happen. so im a pile o' crap. haha its kinda funny to think of it like that.

14 days. kinda depressing but what can ya do? i was thinking today.. what am i gonna do after college? heck, what am i even going to college for? i dont really know what i want to do anymore... i used to think i wanted to work with kids and over seas... but i have no idea. everyone is always going. going goin going! not a bad thing. but like. i never actually even considered thinking about (like really sitting down and thinking) about what i want to do. but not like i have to decided right this minute. but im like one of those people who just doesnt do that. i dont think things through very well. unless im saying them to someone. but yeah. IDK!

well im done thinking for right now...

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