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12 December
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People call me lots of things but the name my mother gave me was Sarah LuAnne Anderson. I grew up on a dairy farm but somehow my dad converted it into a hobby farm. It's still pretty sweet. I ride my motorcycle all over the place now. It's great. God is number one in my life. I try to make my whole being surrounded by him every day. But alas, i suck. So that usually doesnt happen. Music is what im caught up in. I love it! I (try to) play the guitar and i sing. Actually im ok at both. Im so excited! in the next month im going to about 6 concerts! its amazing. One of them is just to get to know T39 better. Im on a first name basis with them its totally wicked! i like making websites but i never actually put them on the web ...weird. My friends are amazing and I don't think that I would be here if it weren't for their support and caring nature(most of them anyways).